FreshStart Kids Therapy can provided training for schools and other organisations. Increasing awareness of difficulties children face within education settings is one of the more significant ways we can support them.

We offer a range of training packages so get in touch to see how we can help. We've delivered the following training to schools in the region:

  • Sensory Awareness training, face to face and online options
  • Whole school approaches including:
    • motor skills programmes
    • sensory regulation programmes
  • Handwriting

Many schools want to implement sensory circuits and other emotional regulation programmes but are unsure how to do this, or have tried and it has not worked. FreshStart Kids Therapy can support your staff to understand and implement the programmes in your school successfully.

Find out more about how we can tailor a training programme for your school

Feedback from attendees

We can really utilise some of the strategies in our class to help some of our children

Participant at a school sensory workshop

Clear explainations, very informative, all questions answered and new ideas given to put into practice

Participant at a School Sensory Workshop

Even after receiving training recently, Kerry always has some new information and ideas to help. Kerry is also there to listen to the needs of certain children we have and offer techniques specific to that child.

Participant at a school sensory workshop

The feedback particularly focussed on the sensory issues you educated the staff in and the discussions using examples from our young people were particularly useful

School leader following sensory awareness training