Sensory assessments

At FreshStart Kids Therapy we always use therapists with post graduate qualifications in Sensory Integration to complete a sensory assessment of your child's sensory processing strengths and difficulties. It is important to identify how any difficulties are impacting on your child's life and ability to complete activities of daily living.

We provide:

  • Summary sensory assessment with summary report and recommendations
  • Detailed comprehensive sensory assessment with comprehensive report and recommendations
  • EHCP sensory assessment with detailed comprehensive report and EHCP recommendations
  • Tribunal package
Find out about our range of assessment packages, and which package will meet your child’s needs.

Dyspraxia assessments

We offer assessments for Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) also known as dyspraxia.

We follow best practice guidelines as set out by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and The European Academy of Childhood Disability, using the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

All assessments are face to face and include a comprehensive report with recommendations.

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Occupational Therapy assessments

Occupational therapists work with children and young people to identify barriers to participating in everyday activities. Children who struggle to participate in daily activities often disengage and it can affect their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Difficulties children can experience include:

  • Schoolwork
  • Playing
  • Personal care tasks such as dressing and cleaning teeth
  • Eating with cutlery

We can offer a full occupational therapy assessment to help identify your child’s difficulties.



Handwriting is one of the main reasons children are referred to occupational therapy. This is because handwriting is a highly complex activity children must do every day at school in almost every lesson. If children struggle with handwriting, they struggle at school. Handwriting difficulties are almost always a symptom of an underlying difficulty.

A full occupational therapy assessment can help identify “why” your child is struggling with handwriting, however some parents and carers want to prioritise "Next Steps".

We can offer different packages around handwriting difficulties, consider the following assessments:

  • "Next Steps" assessment - this is a handwriting only assessment to identify what you can do to support your child's handwriting

Or if you want to find underlying causes for the difficulty, consider one of the following assessments:

  • Sensory assessment - if your child has other difficulties tolerating the school environment, difficulties with movement and motor skills
  • Dyspraxia assessment - if your child has considerable difficulty with motor skills, organisation and planning skills.

Services for schools

We can provide a range of occupational therapy and sensory integration services in schools across South and West Yorkshire including:

  • Assessment and advice
  • Sensory integration assessment
  • EHCP OT assessment and provision
  • Handwriting assessment and improvement programmes
  • Treatment, individually or in small groups
  • Training for staff in sensory processing, motor skills and
  • Timely assessments and reviews as part of the Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle

Schools appreciate having a consistent therapist who knows their school, their children and their staff. Access to a private occupational therapist enables schools to prioritise their area of need without the need to navigate lengthy waiting lists.

“I would highly recommend Kerry's service as it has really enriched the SEN provision we as a school are able to offer.”

Helen Kingdon, SENCO and Assistant Head, Oakwell Rise Primary Academy, Barnsley
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FreshStart Kids Therapy have several training packages available to schools, parents and carers and other professionals.

Training options include:

  • Sensory Awareness training, face to face and online options
  • Whole school approaches such as:
    • motor skills programmes
    • sensory regulation programmes
  • Handwriting

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