An assessment is when a therapist gathers and analyses information about your child. This information will come from you, your child, their school (if required) and through evidence based assessment tools. An analysis is when the occupational therapist makes a clinical judgement based on the information gathered.

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Some parents simply want to understand why their child is struggling, together with strategies to support them. Other parents need a more comprehensive assessment and report with evidence for EHCP assessments and tribunals.

FreshStart Kids Therapy offer a range of assessment tools and packages to suit your needs ranging from a basic sensory profile, handwriting assessment, motor skills assessment, through to a full sensory integration assessment using standardised assessment tools.

Typical assessments include:

  • Sensory integration assessments
  • Motor skills assessments 
  • Vision perception assessments
  • Handwriting assessment
  • Life skills assessments
  • Assessment of difficulties with everyday activities such as using cutlery, dressing and brushing teeth

Examples of evidenced-based assessments used include:

  • Adult/Adolescent Sensory History
  • Adult/adolescent Sensory Profile
  • Assessment of Motor and Process Skills
  • Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
  • Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency 2nd edition
  • Child Sensory Profile 2nd edition
  • Clinical Observations of Sensory Integration
  • Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting
  • Developmental Test of Visual Perception
  • Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2nd edition
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Test
  • Sensory Processing Measure 2nd edition

The OT picked up on a variety of behaviours that even I, as his mum, had missed.

Lucy Donald
parent of a 6 year old child


At FreshStart Kids Therapy we offer a range of treatment plans:

Indirect treatment plans are when the child is provided with a plan that parents and teaching staff carry out, perhaps in the form of a Sensory Diet, or handwriting programme.

Treatment always occurs after an assessment which identifies the child's difficulties, and we always set goals as part of a treatment package. Goals written in a specific way help to measure the effectiveness of therapy interventions.

Direct occupational therapy intervention can be provided by a qualified occupational therapist in the child's own home, school, or within a clinic.

Goals may include around handwriting, fine motor skills, dressing skills and sensory integration.

Ayres' Sensory Intergration Therapy - A block of Ayres' Sensory Integration Therapy treatment can be provided using specialist equipment by a qualified Sensory Integration Practitioner.

Ayres' Sensory Intergration Therapy is a specialist type of therapy devised by Dr Jean Ayres to address sensory difficulties.

If your child has had an assessment by another therapist, we may be able to provide therapy. This will depend on the detail provided in the existing report and how long ago it was done.

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